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Thursday, April 24, 2014

CANCELLED: Everest Closed for the Season

Hello Everyone,

As many of you suspected, the Mt. Everest climbing season is over.  I just got off the phone with Robert.  He had finished spending several hours with the Sherpa in respect and sympathy for their loss of family and friends and is now beginning to pack and arrange for helicopter transport out of EBC.

Robert is extremely disappointed but is moving forward quickly now that the decision has been made.  He is organizing and packing his gear, doing the same for a fellow climber who is not at EBC (medical emergency), and getting out.

"It is cold and miserable and there isn't a reason to be here longer."

It will take at least a week for his climbing gear bags to reach Kathmandu.  He will only take essentials on the helicopter and hopes to leave tomorrow. We will have a full report after he returns to Kathmandu. Right now he just wants to get out of a very unpleasant situation.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers,
Patty Kay
Lincoln, NE

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  1. My thoughts are with all of you, as well as with the families of those who perished in the avalanche. May Robert have a safe trip home. Thanks for the updates, Patty.

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