World's Top Motorcycle Dealer

World's Top Motorcycle Dealer
Prayer flags above Dingboche. Lhotse and Island Peak in the background.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Camp 1, A Quality View

Robert and his group arrived at Camp 1 at 11:30 p.m. cdt last night which is really about 11:30 a.m., Thursday morning. Robert is living in a time zone that is very close to 12 hours ahead of us.

The climb was difficult but well worth the effort. He said that the skys were clear and the temperature about +30 Fahrenheit. Camp I is at 19,700 feet. They will rest at this altitude for two days and then move up to Camp II. They will rest there for two more days and then head back down to Everest Base Camp. This rigorous itinerary is all part of the acclimatization process that is a necessary in preparation for the Everest summit attempt.

Except for the Kumbu cough (caused by dry, dusty high altitude air) Robert reports that he is feeling fine. His excitement at reaching another of the lesser goals of this expedition was evident in the tone of his voice. He is living his dream afterall!

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