World's Top Motorcycle Dealer

World's Top Motorcycle Dealer
Prayer flags above Dingboche. Lhotse and Island Peak in the background.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's A Go!

The guides have decided we are going in two waves. I am in the second wave which would have been my choice anyway. I will leave base camp on May 19 which means summiting on May 23. This can change if the weather forecast changes. I am really excited.


  1. Bob, I am very excited for you having
    the opportunity to summit Everest this
    week. I'm praying for good weather,
    your knee stays healthy and safety for
    you and your climbing partners.
    All the best to you! Dennis King

  2. Good Luck Robert! Copper Mountain's looking forward to your next post!


  3. Good luck to you Robert! I am rooting for you!

  4. Our prayers and good wishes are with you Robert as you seek to fulfil a long held dream following disciplined preparation and effort.
    Auntie Pam & Uncle Philip in OZ