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World's Top Motorcycle Dealer
Prayer flags above Dingboche. Lhotse and Island Peak in the background.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Safe at Camp 2

Robert has safely returned to Camp 2 with Nima and his Sherpa porter. The four fastest from his group were above the storm when it hit. They reached the summit and are now making their way back to Camp 4. The others from his group that were below the storm have returned to Camp 2.

Weather was the main factor for the termination of the summit attempt. Although Robert is sad about the failure, he knows he made the correct decision. No matter how well one has prepared, the variable of weather can be the undoing of even the most experienced expedition team's goal.

Robert will be hiking down to Camp 1 and then on to Base Camp. He, with others, will hire a heli to get them and their gear back to Kathmandu.

Thanks for following along with me. I am sure Robert will have a lengthy post for us in the near future.


  1. Tough decision. Good job for making the hard choice. Maybe another time, maybe another mountain but glad to see you getting out safe.

  2. So does this mean another try, another year?

  3. Smart decision.I'm sure that you will tackle this mountain another time down the road and succeed.
    Be safe getting down.

    Bob Burklund

  4. I have been following Robert through this climb on this website and through the folks at Madonna. It is easy to forget that in 2004 he was walking with a cane or crutches. What a wonderful example of what goals we can achieve with God's help and the prayers of others. Thank you Robert for reminding us to set our goals high, higher than humanly attainable!