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Prayer flags above Dingboche. Lhotse and Island Peak in the background.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Helicopter Medical Evacuation: Camp 2 to Lukla

Robert has been flown from Camp 2 to Lukla via helicopter.

The battery in his GPS locator was too low for a signal so he used his phone to send a text to me. Robert is being hospitalized for severe exhaustion and other medical conditions that will be confirmed by the physicians in Lukla and Kathmandu. His text follows below.

Robert's text 8:42 p.m.CDT May 20, 2016
"I was just flown from C2 to Lukla by Jason, the best pilot in Nepal.  I am now being treated in the hospital in Lukla by very competent docs.  I hope to be in Kathmandu by tonight.  I'm suddenly starving!! Anyway, I am VASTLY improved at the low altitude.  I've gone from 29,000 ft. to 26,000 ft. on May 19 to 21,500 ft. on May 20 and now I am at 9,300 ft. on May 21. (Nepal time)Summiting was not that hard, getting down as my condition worsened very rapidly, was 1% away from impossible.  I could walk down hill for 10-20 steps before sitting down for several minutes at a time.  All I wanted to do was sit forever which is exactly what it would have been." (without the aid of the Altitude Junkies team and others) Details of the rescue are not available to me right now but I am sure that Robert will tell the story as soon as he is physically able.

Robert and I want to thank each person involved in his rescue.  Thank you from the depths of our hearts. We also want to thank all of those who were pullin' and prayin' though the whole summit bid and return down the mountain. We really appreciate all of you and THANK YOU.

I will learn more about the descent from the summit and rescue in the next few days and will add any details to the blog, although I have a feeling it will be Robert writing the posts not too many days from now.

Thanks again for following, for your thoughts, and prayers.

Patty Kay
Lincoln, NE
Still at 1360 ft.

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