World's Top Motorcycle Dealer

World's Top Motorcycle Dealer
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Monday, April 1, 2019

Waiting in Istanbul

The big day finally arrived and I somehow got everything done in time to catch my flight. The last week has been very hectic with organizing equipment, finishing up stuff at work and getting in my final workouts. I also found time to spend with family and friends which was great. I must admit I am pretty tired from lack of sleep but I did manage to catch six hours of solid sleep on my flight from Chicago to Istanbul. 

I am currently waiting for my final flight, the one to Kathmandu. The layover is about 8 hours - too short to bother with a hotel but too long to be pleasant. I should land in Nepal in the morning and then there will be a big rush. I left my -40 degree sleeping bag there and so I go directly from the airport to our kids' house to pick it up. I hope to be able to get my motorcycle at the same time and then I will head to the grocery store for some cheese. 

Next up will be a stop at the Yak & Yeti hotel to drop off my two duffle bags and then to the Hotel Ambassador for eight nights. My duffles are going up with the main (Everest) contingent of our team on April 3but I'm not leaving until the 10th. It's a long story that got a little messed up with some schedule and client changes that I wasn't aware of. The net result is I will be trekking to base camp by myself. I'm quite happy with this as I don't mind some alone time and I know the way there. I plan to go a little quicker than the rest of the team and may even meet them in Lobuche. Time will tell.

I also want to give out a link to the official Climbing The Seven Summits blog which will no doubt be updated more frequently than my blog. 

It's getting real now!

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